8a814a2bfa83a90601c7bac4ca273c1a.jpg Three-day tour

first day:

(1) Driving by yourself from Taipei

Suhua Road (small break along the way - Suao Cold Spring, Taroko National Park) 193 County Road (Seven stars bay, Pine garden, Pacific Park, Tai Happy farm..) Taiwan 11 or Taiwan 9 LineGihak

(2) Car rental at Hualien

Hualien Railway Station picks up the car (approximately a few days before the car rental, the car is about NT$1200 per day, Gihak can be contacted) Hualien City or Ji'an (the railway culture business circle, Qìng xiū temple, Zhikaxuan Park, Pine garden, Pacific Park,Tai Happy farm..) Taiwan 11-C Line Gihak

The next day: (choose one)

A: Taroko Day Tour

Gihak Taiwan 9 Line Taroko National Park Management Office, Trails, Swallow mouth, Tianxiang and other national park attractions Gihak

B: Rift Valley Day Round Trip

Taiwan 9 Line Shoufeng (fairy tale house, Yunshan water)Fenglin Town (Harvest resort, Hakka Cultural Relics Museum,Lin Tian Shan Cultural Museum) Guangfu Township (Matai Saddle Wetland, Guangfu Sugar Factory, Dafu Forest,) Ruisui Township (Fuyuan Recreation Area, farm, shovel stone column, Tropic of Cancer) Yuli Town Fuli Township (sixty stone mountain Scenic area) Yuchang Tunnel (Antong Hot Spring) Taiwan- 11 Coast Road (Changbin, Shimen, Baxiandong, Isozaki, Yancheng..) Hua Lian BridgeTaiwan 11-C RoadGihak

Third day:

Gihak Donghua University campus Hualien City (car rental and train); self-driving return trip unfinished attractions.

(Note: The above attractions are for reference. There are still unlisted attractions along the way, which can be adjusted with the trqavel time)

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